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Kas Landscape 10" x 8"  Acrylic on card

Kaş Landscape
10″ x 8″ Acrylic on mount board

Kaş is a small fishing, diving, yachting and tourist town, with its narrow streets scented with jasmine flowers, and a district of Antalya Province of Turkey.  As a tourist town it is still relatively unspoilt. There are plenty of little guest houses, quiet cafes serving home cooking, or small bars to relax in.  It has an annual arts festival, jazz concerts in the Hellenistic theatre and occasional underwater ceramics exhibitions.  In the early 1990s tourism started booming in Kaş, with visitors mainly from the UK and Germany. This growth of tourism brought an explosion in apartment building and often unlicenced development, which is seriously threatening the landscape and the environment. Particularly affected is the beautiful Çukurbağ Peninsula, west of the town, where many luxury hotels have been built.


Meis1 (L)

10″ x 8″ Acrylic on card

Meis is a small Greek island close to the Turkish town of Kas. It was well known in the local expat community as the easiest place to visit to renew their 90 day visa.  With the introduction of cheap residents permits all that changed overnight.  Most of the visitors now take the short ferry ride just to experience a very pretty and relaxing place for a day or maybe two.