Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes 9" x 6" Acrylic on mount board


I am a member of an art class who meet on Thursday mornings at the Nayla restaurant  on the beautiful Fethiye kordon or promenade, you would call it.  Our teacher, Leslie is quite ill and receiving treatment back in the UK.   While we wait and look forward to her recovery we continue to meet as a group and I really enjoy our get togethers.   The members are nearly all women and as a side benefit I now know quite a lot about gynaecology and diets.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, the creative side  has become a bit cute and fluffy without Leslie’s direction.  For example, last week the subject matter included kittens, puppies, donkeys, babies and fairies.  When the lovely Linda asked me if I thought her painting of an eagle looked more like a dove I sat down and did this in response.

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