Ziggy R.I.P.

Ziggy  Who died today, aged one

Who died today, aged one

I painted this portrait of Ziggy, our beautiful Vizla, for Gina’s birthday last week and had intended to post it today on Ziggy’s birthday to celebrate all the great times we’ve had.

Now I have to tell you that Ziggy died suddenly in the night. It was an awful shock when Gina found her this morning. Ziggy was exactly one year old and we have no idea why she died, there are no signs and she was perfectly normal at 11pm last night. It seems there are many causes of sudden death in young dogs, my best guess is something related to the distemper she had when we rescued her, heart failure or a seizure perhaps. The vet and our neighbours all say the most likely cause is a snake bite.

She came into our lives like a bolt of lightning, shining brilliantly for just a moment, leaving her presence burned into our minds.  We are content that we gave her the best life that we could and sad that we couldn’t say goodbye.  We know that she will be playing forever in the garden of our memories


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