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Tomb Bay


Lycian Rock Tombs in Tomb Bay

Lycian Rock Tombs in Tomb Bay

Sailing in Tomb Bay  Fethiye

Sailing in Tomb Bay Fethiye

Tomb Bay


Just 15 miles, not far from here

Across a space so crystal clear

A sea where the Meltimi blows

Sailing west, the compass shows.

Tomb Bay where the dust has blown

From people laid to rest in stone

Into the water deep and blue

The reflections that once were you

And on a rocky outcrop crown

Where white goats are staring down

Graves are hewn from ochre rock

Now empty caverns without locks

Among the Oleander there

When Sweetgum scents the evening air

I wander up the stony trail

To try to find a ghostly tale

And Tomb Bay was the place to go

When Ziggy died and we were low

Then reminders of the times we shared

Were all around, so much despair

Tomb Bay where the Lycians laid

Their dead to rest in ancient days

But now 3000 years have passed

Did they believe that they would last


Tony Taylor, July 2013

Gelidonya 3

Gelidonya 3 10" x 8" acrylic on card

Gelidonya 3
10″ x 8″ acrylic on card

A Lighthouse on a sunny day is a bit useless other than as as a navigation mark or a tourist attraction, so my final interpretation of Gelidonya creates the storm that defines it’s existence. I’ll possibly come back to Gelidonya again but I must get on with the larger canvas of Fethiye bay.  The temperatures have soared to 35C + in the last couple of days, not a great time to sit in full sun so I need to rig up some shade on the hillside before I can get on. It’s very steep and rocky there so I need to get my thinking cap on.

Gelidonya Lighthouse 1

125K from Fethiye and a notable landmark on the Lycian way, Gelidonya Lighthouse is situated on an  dangerous cape east of Finike and due south of the site of Olympus. It makes an attractive subject for painting as there are few Turkish lighthouses situated in such a dramatic setting.  We are not spoilt with them like those who live around the Atlantic coastline.

Gelidonya DescriptionA brief history can be discovered on this sign at the site.  To summarise

Costruction began in 1934 and it was lit in 1936, fueled by Kerosene until 1990 and ?? since then. It flashes every 3 secs. and has been run by the Demir family since 1944.

Gelidonia Headland and the islands are very important to Lycia’s geography and the history of navigation. It’s the most dangerous part of the Bay of Antalya due to opposing currents and to pass was quite hard (I bet!!) in antique times. The flows have pulled many ships onto the rocks and have changed the place to an underwater cemetary (sic)…..

Gelidonya Lighthouse 1 10" x 8" acrylic on card

Gelidonya Lighthouse 1
10″ x 8″ acrylic on card

My first painting has again been done with a very restricted choice of turquoise, yellow, red and white and although there is limited potential when mixing acrylic paints, I hope and feel that I have managed to convey a sense of harmony in this landscape after making that decision.